About us


We invite you to enjoy a truly unique sushi experience, with an exotic fusion of Japanese and Thai flavors. We start with the freshest fish bought daily and unite zesty sauces, tangy spices and mouth-watering fruits and vegetables to excite your taste buds. It will be “Luv” at first bite!

We prided ourselves on providing a relaxed and unpretentious dining environment at both of our estblishments since the opening of I Luv Sushi on Valentine’s Day, 2008, and our second location, 39 Degrees, in December, 2012.

In Japanese, “San Kyu” translates to 39, which is used in text messages as slang for “Thank you”. Echoes from these exotic lands are reflected in our food and we love presenting dishes that are not only delicious, but also beautiful pieces of art. Let the romance begin!